Blum & Thraive:

A Harmonious Partnership

At Thraive, we pride ourselves on seeking out collaborations that can elevate our users’ experiences. This brings us to our collaboration with Blum, a visionary in the realm of bespoke well-being solutions.

Why Blum?

Blum is not just another meditation platform. They delve deep into the roots of meditative and scientific knowledge, crafting modern meditations, positive psychology interventions and psychological evaluations. Every offering is tailor-made, ensuring that every practitioner's unique emotional and mental needs are met with precision.

Bespoke Meditations

Relying on neuroscience and ancient techniques, Blum crafts meditations tailored to individual cognitive profiles. Every session is a journey curated to amplify human potential.

Psychological Evaluations

Utilising the profound knowledge of Harvard's professors who created Wholebeings and the SPIRE model for happiness, we have developed a test that is designed to provide you with the most accurate feedback on your mental health and ways of improving it.

Scientifically-Proven Activities

Drawing from positive psychology and other scientific fields, Blum's activities have undergone empirical testing, ensuring they bring proven benefits and foster social connections.

Our Partnership Journey

As participants navigate Thraive's transformative Courage Training course, Blum enriches the journey. Attendees will be introduced to Blum's unique Wholebeing test at the course's beginning and conclusion. This test offers a comprehensive reflection of the progress made during the training, bridging Thraive's educational approach with Blum’s meditative expertise.

Together, Thraive and Blum aim to provide a holistic approach to understanding and harnessing emotions, ensuring that each individual's journey towards emotional fortitude is both enriching and enlightening.

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Exclusive Beta Round

Are you ready to pioneer our inaugural cohort step into your most courageous self? Join us for a transformative 7-day journey designed to unleash the resilient, creative, and empowered you.

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