Unlock your team’s potential with Courage Training

Have you wondered, what would your team be capable of achieving if they had a bit more courage?

Powered by Positive Psychology and Generative AI images, our innovative Courage Training program is designed to enhance employees' leadership, engagement, and resilience.

Research-based Outcomes

Our research shows that with courage you can:

Unlock Potential

60% of passionate and courageous employees thrive in teamwork, fostering a cohesive and proactive work environment.

Cultivate Growth

35.5% of these individuals exhibit a dynamic growth mindset, ensuring continuous learning and adaptability in your organisation.

Combat Burnout

With 46% of courageous employees evading burnout, you can ensure high productivity and sustained job satisfaction.

Promote Self-awareness

26% feel highly self-aware, enabling superior decision-making and enhanced accountability.

“Thanks to the combination of the research for my Positive Psychology Master’s about Courage and Performance at work, the methodology I created as a therapist, and my own journey through finding a better wellbeing, I  believe courage building is the next level for a more empathic world.

- Daniela C. Merlano

A Pioneering Program

Most market solutions are reactive, based on outdated systems and lack emotional education.

Thraive offers

Integrated Approach

Combining the strength of psychology, technology, and physiology, we offer impactful learning experiences that stick.

Generative AI Images

First in the market, our use of generative AI images and focusing on positive emotions.

Holistic Training

Our methodologies span positive psychology, mind, and body training, ensuring a comprehensive uplift in wellbeing.

HR Directors: shape the future with Thraive

Your goals are our mission.

Reduce Turnover: A satisfied and empowered employee is a loyal one.

• Prevent Burnout: Equip your teams with the skills to stay motivated and resilient.

• Boost Employee Engagement: Foster an environment of support, growth, collaboration, and continuous learning.

“The courage training that I did with Dani really helped to understand how this emotion is so important for accomplishing what is important to me - my dream.

I’ve always been a little bit of a dreamer, imagining how my life would be if I pursued to do x or y. This training is so valuable, and so deep to my heart, because it genuinely helped to see my strength and my willingness to overcome fear and chose to move towards my dream.

During the course I filmed my first yoga video, which is what I eventually want to become - a yoga teacher. I encourage anyone to do it as well. The combination of psychology principles with the passion that Dani has makes this course really great.”

María Aguirre

“The Thraive training was such a wholesome and life enhancing experience.

I enjoyed working on my well-being in a group dynamic and being able to learn all the small things you can do to improve your wellbeing, understand your emotions and increase your courage. It is also designed in a way that can fit in anyone’s schedule, no matter how busy you are.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to work on their personal goals and learn practical and very useful habits to keep up even after the course.”

Valentina Rangel

"Never had a similar experience before and I was surprised by the outcome. It made me feel more aware of my true self and where I want to be in the future."

Jamie - The Real Nifty

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